County Court Summons

A County Court Summons is a Court document served by a creditor of a business seeking payment of a debt.  Unless defended, the Court will grant a County Court Judgement.

Once a County Court Judgement has been obtained, notice of this will be placed on a central registry.  Given that anyone can undertake a search of the registry, this may have a significant impact upon you should you wish to obtain credit / finance from a third party.

A creditor with a County Court Judgement will be entitled to enforce against you for payment.  There are several methods of enforcement, the most used being the instruction of bailiffs who will seek to distrain upon assets at your premises in consideration of the debt.

A County Court Judgement can have a serious impact upon a business and its directors personally.  That said, with the right advice your business could still be preserved and your liability limited. Contact us on 01451 832533 immediately for free assistance.

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